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What is Jio MAMI Online?

This is Jio MAMI’s online platform hosted on Shift72. The platform will be showing select films from the Jio MAMI 22nd Mumbai Film Festival programme from 24th February to 16th March 2022.

Where can I view all available titles?

To access the schedule, click here. Some titles may not be available until a future date, as noted on the thumbnail.

How can I watch the films screening on Jio MAMI Online?

To watch the films, please register by clicking on ‘Create Account” on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Registration is free of cost.

Films will be available to watch from 24th February from 12 noon.

Every film will be available to audiences in India for 48 hours.

Can I watch films from anywhere in the world?

No. Films on Jio MAMI Online are only available to people in India.

Which sections are the films screening under?

The films are screening under the following sections:
India Gold - Jio MAMI’s feature, competitive section
Spotlight - Jio MAMI’s feature, non-competitive section
Gala Premieres - Jio MAMI’s feature, out-of-competition section
In Focus Shorts - Jio MAMI’s out-of-competition section, curated by Smriti Kiran
City Shorts Mumbai - Jio MAMI’s shorts, competitive section

Where can I find the film I rented?

The films you have rented can be found in “My Library.” Please note that films will not be available 48 hours after their premiere date.

How can I receive updates from MAMI?

For regular updates, you can follow our social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or become a MAMI Year Round Programme member. Members get regular updates directly in their inboxes.

How can I become a MAMI Year Round Programme member?

Registration for the MAMI Year Round Programme is completely free.

If you’re from Mumbai, you can register here.

If you’re from Delhi, you can register here.

For any other city, register here.

When I log in, I am getting the error message “Too Many Devices”. What does this mean?

Devices are automatically added to your account when you play a video from a particular device. In the interest of security, all users are limited to 2 devices.

Please note that if you use different accounts on your laptop, the system will take them as different devices. If you use different profiles on Chrome or use the Incognito mode, then the system might take them as separate devices.

This has been done to ensure the security of the film content.

If you encounter this error while using multiple devices, you can remove 1 old device (if you have not already removed a device in the last 30 days).

If you encounter this error while only using 1 device, we would recommend you to go back to the user account/browser profile that you used previously.

What are the system requirements needed to watch the films on Jio MAMI Online?

The details about the minimum system requirements can be found here.

I’m receiving a ‘License request failure’ notification. How do I solve it?

This error typically occurs with out-of-date browsers, we recommend you update your browser.

The recommended up-to-date system requirements are here.

Who do I contact in case of further queries?

If you are experiencing any errors not covered here, or if these solutions do not help, please contact our support by emailing